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Tim Foster

During his rowing career Tim Foster won a total of 9 World Championship and 2 Olympic medals

Few Olympians have made the transition from athlete to coach as smoothly as Tim Foster. After achieving his goal of winning a gold medal as part of the “never to be forgotten” Coxless Four at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Tim retired from international rowing. Tim transferred straight into coaching with the GB team before joining the UK Sport-sponsored Elite Coach Programme in 2004. In January 2007, he became the Head Coach of the Swiss National Rowing Team, who he coaches to World and European Championships, ultimately aiming for the London Olympics 2012.

During his rowing career Tim Foster won a total of 9 World Championship and 2 Olympic medals - only twice in 14 years failing to medal. He has coached World and Olympic Champions and has just successfully coached the Swiss national team to their most successful results for 16 years.

The quintessential Olympic champion and 5 time Olympian Tim is a great motivator and using the lessons he learned on the way to achieving his Olympic gold medal as well as now leading the programme, he shows audiences how to achieve their own goals and sets them on the path to winning ways both on a professional and personal basis.

Tim has presented on BBC television and radio and for ITV in the UK as well as Eurosport throughout Europe. He has written a book entitled “Four Men in a Boat”. Tim is a popular and amicable speaker with a relaxed yet confident presenting style. He uses a great mix of anecdotes and humorous stories to entertain, inspire, and motivate audiences around the world.

Topics: Teamwork * Leadership * Motivation * Achieving Peak Performance * Goal Setting and Achieving * The Long Road to Success * Coping with adversity * The Olympic Spirit * After Dinner * Host and Awards

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